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ESA visit Prisma Electronics premises

On Monday, the 24th of April, a team of high-ranking officials of ESA (European Space Agency), along with representatives of GSRT (General Secretary of Research and Technology of Greece) and EVIDITE (Hellenic Association of Space Industry), visited the premises of Prisma Electronics in the Industrial Area of Alexandroupolis, where they met with the Greek companies participating in the project MEPS (Design and Manufacture of Power Process Unit of an Electrical Propulsion Microsatellite).

 The visitors were given a tour to the facilities of Prisma Electronics, informed about the status of project MEPS and discussed with the Greek companies: Prisma Electronics, INASCO and SITAEL HELLAS, as well as with representatives of the GSRT and EVIDITE, about the Industrial Policy of ESA for European SMEs.
The Head of Industrial Policy of ESA, Mr. Eros Pitarelli, was impressed, with the level of structure and specialized infrastructure for Space Projects of Prisma Electronics, as he stated, and generally with the know-how of Greek companies in Space Projects. Mr. Pitarelli encouraged the Greek companies to engage even more in Space Technologies, by making proposals and supporting ESA, in matters of knowledge transfer, networking, trainings and participation in research projects.
The Chairman of the Scientific Board of Prisma Electronics, Mr. Petros Soukoulias commented, “After 25 years of presence, away from the major urban centers, here in the south-eastern point of Europe, the people of Prisma Electronics have the honor to host some of the most important ESA executives, forerunners of the European Space Segment. Today here at the edge of Europe, the Greek businesses were given the opportunity to involve with proposals to the forming of Strategy, for the engagement of SMEs in Space Projects, while supporting the National planning of GSRT, EVIDITE, as well as the Si-Cluster and leveraging the experience gained by the participation in project MEPS. Prisma Electronics, has invested in both personnel and infrastructure, in order to take part in research and manufacturing projects for microsatellites. The company nowadays, forms a reliable partner, trusted by multinational organizations, such as CERN, ESA and AIRBUS DS. Our Strength is our human capital and our persistence to the goal”.



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