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The Chief of Hellenic Navy at Prisma Electronics

The Chief of Hellenic Navy General Staff, Vice Admiral Nikolaos Tsounis, visited the production facilities of Prisma Electronics SA at the Industrial Area of Alexandroupolis. After a brief corporate presentation, the Chief of the Hellenic Navy was given a tour by the chairman of the company Mr. Giorgos Giordamlis to the electronics production site.

Mr. Tsounis was informed about the running Space Projects for the European Space Agency (ESA), especially for the Solar Orbiter and MEPS project (electrical propulsion power process unit for small satellites), as well as the colaboration with CERN, Geneva in Remote Monitoring. Special reference was made to the innovative LAROS system, an integrated IoT platform for the collection and analysis of Maritime Data acquired from any sensor source in commercial vessels and its capabilities in naval applications. Moreover, the Chairman of Prisma informed the Chief of General Staff about the complete technological capabilities of the company, which can support innovative applications and initiatives, planned by the Navy.




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